Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bring the Noise: 20 Years of Writing About Hip Rock and Hip Hop
by Simon Reynolds

due for publication in May 2007

by Faber & Faber

oh yes


carl said...

Ye Gods man! Where do you find the time?

WOEBOT said...

i wonder how many people saw this tucked away at the bottom of the archival list! may 2007! so soon! hooray! great title btw.

Thomas said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Simon Pitchforth said...

Great stuff. Get that Reynolds Vs. Pat Kane piece from the Maker in there. a defining bliss rock Vs. bog rock moment.

blissblogger said...

>find the time

well it's all old stuff obviously, but it did take a while to assemble and sequence --also wrote afterthoughts and mini-commentaries after each piece. it kinda works as a history of the last two decades of music, albeit with certain gaps.

>pat kane
ah that one didn't make the cut. hoping to get Blissed Out reissued at some point in the next few years. i tried to make Bring the Noise barely overlap with either Blissed out or Energy Flash.

Eoghan said...

no chance of a hardcover, I suppose? my copy of Rip It Up is falling to pieces

Unknown said...

congratulations. It's good to see you've not been disillusioned by what is on offer. Can't wait to read the new book

Ian said...

Just arrived in the shop today. Faced-out with a "Buy this book!" card in time for the weekend. Cover looks suitably stark and startling on the shelf.

Well, that's my reading matter sorted for the next couple of days.